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Combo Stand 415 cm

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  • Model: SXX-COMBOLS6

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Combo Stand 415 cm
Combo Stand 415 cm
Combo Stand 415 cm

      The combo stand features a three-leg base with a folding brace in each leg. The combo stands are available with a “rocky mountain” / leveling leg used to lean the stand or to level the stand on uneven ground.
     The whole central column can be vertically positioned so it can rest directly on the ground reducing the stress on the legs when heavier equipment is installed.

Key Features:

  - 28mm die cast aluminum socket and 16mm stud.
  - double braced legs for extra stability, resistance and safety.
  - assembled using bolts instead of rivets for simpler maintenance.
  - all stands in this series can be equipped with wheels (including types with brakes).
  - storage pin.
  - anti-extraction collars.
  - captive lock offs thread into rust free steel.
  - shock-resistant square section tubing.
  - all versions have leveling leg for better stability.
  - all knobs are made of aluminum and threads are riveted for preventing losses.
  - double braced legs for extra stability, resistance and safety.
  - chrome-plated steel tubing.
  - this surface finishing lasts longer - prevents oxidation and gives the product a polished look.
stand type: combo stand
maximum height: 416 cm
minimum height: 170 cm
collapsed: 141 cm
spread: 140 cm
number of sections: 4
risers: 3
receiver type: F-28 mm (1-1/8") & 5/8" pin
pop-up baby pin 16mm (5/8") yes
material: steel
color: chrome
weight: 11.5 kg
collapsing protection: spring
max load capacity: 40 kg
mountain leg (extensible leg)

Recommended to use with:

Blondie 2000W
- Fresnel 1000W / 2000W / 5000W / 10000W
- HMI Compact 575W / 1200W / 2500W / 4000W / 6000W
- HMI PAR 575W / 1200W / 2500W / 4000W / 6000W - European supplier for Video & Film lighting equipment | Prices excl. VAT.
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