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Scrim Kit - Junior 5000

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  • Model: SCRIM-KIT-J5000

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Scrim Kit - Junior 5000
Scrim Kit - Junior 5000

     Pack of 4 scrims for Cinelight Junior 5000 and Arri Junior Plus 5000.
     A scrim is a stainless steel wire screen used to reduce the intensity of the light.

  • A single scrim has a loose wire weave, is identified by its green ring frame, and cuts the intensity of the light by approximately a half stop.
  • A double scrim has a tighter weave, is identified by its red ring frame, and cuts the light by approximately one full stop. A standard set of scrims includes a single, two doubles, a half-single, a half double, and a gel frame. Quarter scrims and graduated scrims are also available for some fixtures.
  • Half scrims affect just one half of the beam. A bottom-half double can be used to even out the intensity of the light as the subject moves closer to the fixture. It reduces the light falling on objects close to the light, bringing the light level down to that of objects farther from the light.

Package content:

1 x half single
1 x half double
1 x full single
1 x full double
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