Soft Light

Soft-Lights are designed to produce soft light with less-defined shadows. Light from the long tubular globes is directed into a white concave reflector. Because it is indirect, bounced off a diffused white surface, and exits through a relatively large aperture, the resulting light is soft and has a wide, even uncontrolled spread. Soft-lights are commonly used for fill and general room ambiance.
Because soft-lights use indirect light, they produce less light per watt than Fresnels and even less light than Open-Face lights. Most soft-lights have multiple globes, each switched individually, making it easy to increase or reduce the light's intensity.  Generally, they don't use scrims, but can be improvised by inserting a baby scrim between the base and the white reflector surface. - European supplier for Video & Film lighting equipment | Prices excl. VAT.
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