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Tube LED 360 Bi-Color

Price : 179€

  • Manufactured by: Cinelight

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Tube LED 360 Bi-Color
Tube LED 360 Bi-Color
Tube LED 360 Bi-Color
Tube LED 360 Bi-Color

Tube LED 360 Bi-Color
Tube LED 360 Bi-Color
Tube LED 360 Bi-Color
Tube LED 360 Bi-Color

Tube LED 360 Bi-Color
Tube LED 360 Bi-Color

     The Cinelight Tube-LED is a highly portable LED light designed for photo and video applications. The fixture consists of 360 LED bulbs arranged in high density LED arrays incorporated in a solid one-piece aluminum housing.  The unit is lightweight and easy to operate, suitable for confined spaces where heavy lights along with suitable stands and accessories are not the best option. 

     The Tube-LED is fully dimmable, adjusting the brightness from 0% to 100% using the dedicated knob on the back. Also, the color temperature can be adjusted from 3200K to 8000K using the 4 steps select button (3200K, 5000K, 5600K, and 8000K). 

     This LED light is provided with multi-link sync technology that allows synchronizing two or more Tube-LED units using the master / slave chained reaction meaning that when connecting multiple units, the color temperature and brightness or color adjustments made on one light will affect all connected lights. 

     The Tube-LED is powered via an internal 4600 mAh battery that features the latest Lithium-Ion technology and can be charged anywhere using the 100-240V AC power adapter. The run time at full brightness is about 2h.

     The fixture can be operated by one person using the detachable handle, providing an overall design of a saber from the well-known famous movies.  Equipped with 1/4" mounting threads on both ends, the light can be easily gripped to any studio accessories like booms, clamps and light stands. 

     The optional available accessories like cross mounting bracket or "U" bar bracket allow for multiple Tube-LED fixtures to be mount together on stand creating a single large lighting source.

     The Tube-LED comes with a built-in diffusion filter that helps softening the shadows, making the light more pleasant. The fixture can be placed very close to the subject, wrapping it around in a high quality light, with no heat generation.  Due to color temperature range, the Tube-LED 360 can be used in mixed setups that include various lighting sources like fluorescent, tungsten, HMI, even flash lights. It is also suitable to be used in commercial spaces that abound in cold light, very hard to match otherwise. 

     The Tube-LED comes with included transport bag with customized foam interior that holds and protects the lighting fixture along with the detachable handle and the power adapter.  

Key Features:

- saber design of the LED light
- 360 powerful LED bulbs arranged in 6 high density LED arrays
- color temperature: 3200K / 5000K / 5600K / 8000K
- 0% to 100% dimmable
- power 22W
- one-piece strong aluminum housing
- 4600 mAh internal battery powering up to 2h at max intensity.
- universal voltage input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz and DC 12V
- size: 60 x 6 x 6 cm
- weight: 950g
- multiple ¼” mounting threads on both ends to grip the light on booms, clamps, stands
- detachable handle
- included transport bag with customized foam interior 

Package content:

1 x Tube LED 360 Bi-Color
1 x detachable handle
1 x power supply & charger
2 x multi-tube connecting brackets 
1 x foam padded transport bag

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