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CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)

Price : 399€

  • Manufactured by: Cinelight

CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)
CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)
CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)
CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)

CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)
CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)
CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)
CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)

CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)
CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)
CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)
CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)

CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)
CineLED EVO "M" DMX - Bi-Color (Gen 2)

New generation - New features!

      Our second generation of CineLED EVO Series introduces a couple of new features common available until now on studio lighting fixtures, opening new possibilities for using the product. The wide variety of remote controlling functions like WIFIDMX and the 2.4GHz wireless remote used along with the latest generation of performant LED's are this panel's top features that truly recommend the product as one of the best lighting instruments of current generation. With higher versatility in use comparing with previous models, this great money's worth product can fulfill the needs of the most demanding users.

Latest generation of performant LED's

     The new CineLED EVO "M" uses 1024 of the latest technology Bi-Color LED's with high index rating for CRI / TLCI (>98) specially developed for photo-video applications where color rendering accuracy is mandatory. The panel produces luminous, directional lighting, at a beam angle of 45 degrees. The matrix layout of the LED bulbs ensures a uniformly blending of the two color temperatures.

Intuitive & precise light adjustments

     The light output is dimmable from 100% down to 10% keeping a constant color temperature and flicker free across the entire dimming range. The cross-fade controlling function allows for setting the desired color temperature (from 3200K to 5600K) while keeping a constant brightness level, maintaining the whole process optimized and intuitive for the user. 

iOS and Android WIFI controls

     Following the nowadays technology trends, the new CineLED EVO "M" and "L" panels can now be WIFI controlled using an iOS or Android smartphone app. Just connecting the CineLED EVO "M" to the local WIFI network and using the dedicated smartphone app, the user can remotely turn the panel ON/OFF and adjust the brightness / color temperature values. When multiple CineLED EVO panels are used for lighting a scene, the user has the option to control them individually or all at once. The smartphone app (iOS / Android) is very intuitive for the user to make the adjustments just like he would have had done it from the back of the panel. The WIFI controlling function is a great feature for those situations where the same LED panels are used for both location and studio assignments, without the hassle of wiring them together.

( Android and IOS applications not yet public released - coming soon!)

Built-in industry standard DMX-512 controller

     Using the built-in industry standard DMX-512 controlling function, the second generation of CineLED EVO panels can be integrated into more complex studio installations such as news sets, talk-shows or entertainment productions where a standardized remote controlling method is required. The unit is equipped with two Ethernet RJ-45 DMX ports (in / out – loop) allowing the panel to be connected to a DMX lighting console. 

2.4GHz radio technology for wireless controlling

     Additionally from the previous generation of CineLED EVO series, this new panel incorporates the 2.4GHz radio technology, enabling remote operation of the fixture. The included wireless remote is effective from a distance up to 100 meters away from the panel. Up to 99 panels can be controlled individually or simultaneously if set on the same channelby using a single wireless remote, without the need to manually reach every panel, saving considerable time and effort.

Advanced back panel controlling board

     The back panel digital display shows useful information like brightness, color temperature, battery charging level, DMX channel number and the radio channel the panel is set on. Having this information easy accessible for the user comes in handy especially when multiple LED panels need to match in the same scene. The CineLED EVO (Gen 2) is designed with a new control wheel used for the brightness and color temperature adjustments. The additional dedicated buttons allow for quick operating on the panel's functions. 

Slim and lightweight body design
     The slim profile of the die cast aluminum housing truly distinguishes itself among the wide variety of LED lights on the market. The sturdy, compact and lightweight structure translates into a durable product for many years to use. The streamlined design with ventilation slots ensures an efficient heat dissipation, increasing the LED's life and maintaining the panel cool-to-touch. The fixture is equipped with a solid yoke bar with side locking "pull & twist" knobs, provided with dual mount spigot adapter (vertically and horizontally). The front housing includes 2 slide-in accessory slots for inserting the included barndoors, diffusion filter panel or the optional softbox kit. Its compact design with a slim profile makes it ideal for some studios where the ceiling level is lower and framing headroom is limited. 

Common powering options

     The unit can be powered from a wall socket using the included AC-DC power adapter or via one optional 14.8 V-Mount battery using the built-in V-Lock plate on the back of the panel.

Key Features:

- 1024 high CRI / TLCI (>98) latest generation LED's
- high output of 3900 lx @ 1m with just 30W power draw
- adjustable color temperature warm (3200K) to daylight (5600K)
- dimmable output from 100% to 10% with no color shifting
- flicker free circuit design 
- digital display shows useful information like brightness, color temperature, battery level
compact and robust aluminum body with slim profile
WIFI remote controlling from iOS / Android smartphone app (TBA)
- built-in industry standard DMX-512 control function 
- built-in 2.4GHz radio technology for remote operation from a distance up to 100 m away
- back panel V-Lock battery mount
- includes barndoors and acrylic diffusion filter
- optional softbox available

Package content:

- 1 x CineLED EVO M DMX - Bi-Color 3200K-5600K (Gen.2)
- 1 x removable 4 leaf metal barndoors
- 1 x yoke bar with dual mount 5/8" receiver
- 1 x universal AC-DC power adapter 
- 1 x power cable 3.5m with Euro plug
- 1 x acrylic diffusion filter
- 1 x Ethernet RJ45 to XLR 3P DMX cable adapter
- 1 x wireless remote control
- 1 x user manual

Guarantee: 1 year - European supplier for Video & Film lighting equipment | Prices excl. VAT.
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