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CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX

Price : 599€  499€

  • Model: LLS-PL1X15600KDMX
  • Manufactured by: Cinelight

CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX
CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX
CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX
CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX

CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX
CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX
CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX
CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX

CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX
CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX
CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX
CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX

CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX
CineLED 1x1 5600K - DMX

     The CineLED Panel 1x1 is a new generation of LED 1x1 panel that useshigh CRI (95+RA) LEDs specially developed for photo and video applications where accuracy for color rendering is required.

     The panel's 1296 LED’s produce luminous, directional lighting, at a beam angle of 45 degree, drawing only 78W while providing an output of a 1300Wtungsten light equivalent.

     The output is dimmable from 100% to 0%, maintaining a constant color temperature across the entire dimming range. The light intensity adjustments are made through a steeples sliding dimmer that provides a smooth control over the light beam.

     This model of CineLED Panel 1x1 5600K features a DMX-512 controller, enabling remote operation of the unit from any DMX console, letting you control the light output in small increments or create custom programs for light intensity for various scenarios in a studio. This model is equipped with two DMX port (in / out – loop) with Ethernet RJ-45 receiver connectors. The manual DMX address supports 16 individual channels.

     Manufactured using strong ABS plastic housing and built-in handle, the CineLED Panel 1x1 is a lightweight, compact size and easy to carry around LED panel.

     The CineLED Panel 1x1 fixture is equipped with a solid metal yoke bar fitted with 5/8" spigot receiver. The front housing includes 2 accessory slots for inserting the optional barndoors, softbox kit or the included three acrylic filter panels. The barndoors and the softbox can be each used along with the desired filter panel. These optional accessories increase the versatility in using the CineLED 1x1 panels.

      The CineLED 1x1 is ideal for location work because it can be operated from both: AC power (100-240V) or from a V-Mount 14.8 Li-Ion Battery attached on the built-in V-Lock support or from a car battery 12V via the XLR-3P DC in connector.

     Using the optional multi-panel accessory kit, the modular housing enables1x2 and 2x2 multi-panel configurations, allowing to create a single large lighting fixture to fit a wide range of jobs.

     The XLR-3P power in/out loop ports allow for the DC power to be transmitted from a panel to another so when multi-panel configuration is made just one AC-DC power supply can be used (special higher amperage model).

Key Features:

- 1296 high CRI (95+ RA) LEDs
- high light output: 1m =10’100 lx @ 5600K
- built-in DMX-512 controller with RJ45 connectors
- 78W power draw, light output similar to 1300W incandescent light
- dial-up brightness 100% - 0% with no color shift
- strong, ABS plastic housing with built-in handle
- solid metal yoke bar with 5/8" receiver
- 45 degree beam angle
- 2 slide-in accessory slots on the front housing
- runs from AC / DC 11-16V XLR-3P input
- built-in V-Lock battery mount 
- included 3 acrylic filter panels: soft diffusion, milky-white diffusion and warm filter
- optional removable 4 leaf barndoors
- optional softbox kit with honeycomb grid
- optional 2x1 and 2x2 multi-panel accessory
- panel dimensions: 31 x 31 x 7 cm
- outer dimensions: 33 x 38 x 7 cm
- weight: 1.8  Kg

Package content:

1 x CineLED Panel 1x1 5600K - DMX
1 x Power supply AC/DC 100-240V - 12V 6Ah
3 x Acrylic filter panels (soft diffusion, milky-white diffusion, warm)
1 x transport soft bag
1 x user manual

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