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D-Lite 400 dimmable

Price : 599€  459€

  • Model: LRX-DLITE400
  • Manufactured by: Cinelight

D-Lite 400 dimmable
D-Lite 400 dimmable
D-Lite 400 dimmable
D-Lite 400 dimmable

D-Lite 400 dimmable
D-Lite 400 dimmable
D-Lite 400 dimmable
D-Lite 400 dimmable

The Cinelight D-Lite 400 is a soft light source ideally suited for Television or Film documentary shooting styles. The unit provide a broad soft and diffuse light.

As a cosmetic light source it is ideal for news presenters reporting from locations around the world. The compact size and rugged lightweight nature make them well suited for travel.

D-Lite 400 puts out a broad soft wash of light. The drop off is like the light off of a bounce card. For this reason it is most effective in close proximity to the subject. By being close the light is softer and easily controlled with the built-in barndoors and detachable louvers.

The integrated high quality Osram Quicktronic HF ballast is designed to provide flicker free operation & stable color temperature under extreme conditions. 

The D-Lite (Dimmable-Lite) feature a built-in dimmer control. Lamps can dim from 100% down to 5% with minimal color shift and no flicker.

To adjust for lower light levels, the D-Lite 400 is equipped with a select switch to control 2 Lamp or 4 Lamp operation. Switching off a set of lamps reduces the light by one f-stop without color shifting!

The lolipop mount allows unlimited fixture orientation and keeps the fixture lightweight. The fixture can operate in either a horizontal or vertical position. It is easily rigged on the end of a grip arm to allow positioning off camera as a backlight for interviews.
The center mount (lolipop) has a ball and socket design with a lock down handle. To orient the fixture release the handle, position the fixture then lock down the handle.
At the other end of the Center Mount is a baby receiver (16mm) that can go   directly onto a light stand.

D-Lite 400 is available as a lower cost alternative to Diva-Lite but build to high quality standards.

Key Features:

  • fixture includes center mount, louver, built-in barndoors and ballast.
  • on location, lamps get to full color temperature in three minutes. When finished, turn off power and pack. No need for cool down period.
  • the lamps can stay in the fixture for quick transport.
  • all-in-one design with built-in dimming Osram Ballast.
  • Remote dimming capability
  • 2 lamps / 4 lamps switching. Dim the light without color shift.
  • low amperage draw - can plug in to any household outlet.
  • slim profile ideal for shooting in small offices, hallways, or cramped quarters.
  • designed to use high quality, full spectrum lamps  (CRI> 90RA) like Kino Flo True Match, Osram Studio Line, Osram Dulux L.
  • high color rendering True Match & Studio Line lamps work well alongside conventional quartz lights or HMI's.
  • attached gels do not burn out or fade due to lower heat of fixture.
  • center mount for horizontal and vertical axis rotation with 5/8" receiver.
  • included honeycomb louvers give tremendous light control.
  • 100% compatible with Kino Flo Diva-Lite fixtures with no differences of color temperature our output.
  • compatible with all accessories designed for DivaLite.
Technical Specifications:
source type: fluorescent
power:220 watts ( 4x55 watts )
color temperature:3200K / 5600k
lamp socket:2G11
numbers of tubes:4 x 55 watts
number of ballast:
2 x Osram Quicktronic Hi-Power, No noise, (>40khz;n>0.95%, stable color temperature)
illumination angle:-
illumination lux power:1m: 2800 lx2m: 760 lx3m: 340 lx
mounting:spigot 16mm ( 5/8" receiver)
power cable:7m
protection class:CE, RoHS approved
material:lightweight plastic, polypropylene
product weight:4.8 kg
package weight:5.5 kg
product dimension (HxWxL):350 x 680 x 160 mm
package dimension (HxWxL):380 x 720 x 200 mm
Package content :
1 x Lite 400 fixture with reflector and integrated dimming ballast.
1 x louver
1 x frame support for filters
1 x lolipop mount with 16mm receiver
1 x 7m power with European power plug
1 x user manual
1 year warranty - European supplier for Video & Film lighting equipment | Prices excl. VAT.
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