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CineFlo 4ft - 4 bank

Price : 849€

  • Model: LRX-CINEFLO4F4B
  • Manufactured by: Cinelight

CineFlo 4ft - 4 bank
CineFlo 4ft - 4 bank
CineFlo 4ft - 4 bank
CineFlo 4ft - 4 bank

CineFlo 4ft - 4 bank
CineFlo 4ft - 4 bank
CineFlo 4ft - 4 bank
CineFlo 4ft - 4 bank

The CineFlo fluorescent fixture provides soft, cool, flicker-free light like a bounce-source, but with features to control the intensity and spread of the light emitted. It is very portable, and draws very little AC power. Color temperature doesn't shift when the light levels change. Lamps are long lived and operate outside the fixture.

The fixtures are lightweight enough to tape to a wall. CineFlo series offer the same light quality as higher priced competitors at a fraction of cost! The unit integrates seamless in the same setup where Kino Flo lights are used with no difference in color temperature or output.

100% compatible with Kino Flo 4FT 4Bank systems. Use same tubes as Kino Flo fixtures.

This type of light is the most common fluorescent fixture on big productions studios.

Key Features:
  • 4 high output lamp fixture
  • built-in 4 barndoors
  • removable lamp harness, reflector and louver
  • twist-on, locking center mount
  • True Match® Daylight and Tungsten lamps
  • high output ballast
  • 4 bank selectable
  • Dual mode switch select: high output (75W-4ft) and low output  (45W-2ft)
  • flicker-free
  • full color spectrum
  • individual lamp control
  • instant-on
  • dead quiet, no fans, no noise, low heat
  • lightweight housing
  • detachable ballast
  • over voltage protection
Technical specifications:

Lamp head fixture

source: flood
power: 300W (4x75W)
color temperature: 3200K/5600k (depending on the tubes used)
lamp socket: G13
numbers of tubes: 4 x 75 watts
bulb type:
T12 48in. / 1200 mm
illumination lux power: 1m: 2700 lx 2m: 780 lx 3m: 390 lx
mounting: lolipop 16 mm ( 5/8in.)
power cable: 7m
material: lightweight plastic
color: black
product weight: 4.8 kg
package weight: -
product dimension (HxWxL): 75 x 330 x 1300 mm
package dimension (HxWxL): -

Electronic Ballast

type: electronic ballast
power: 180 - 300W ( switch selectable LO/HI)
operational voltage: 220-250 / 50Hz
igniting voltage:
power factor: > 0.98
efficiency: 89%
dimming control: 25%
power cable: 1.5m
protection type: fuse
material: metal
color: black
product weight: 3.1 kg
package weight: -
product dimension (HxWxL): 60 x 232 x 348 mm
package dimension (HxWxL): -

Package content:

1 x CineFlo 4ft 4bank fixture
1 x external 4 bank ballast
1 x chrome louver 60 degree
1 x 7m power cable
1 x lolipop mount.

1 x user manual

1 year warranty

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