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KIT 2 x SotLED "XL" 5600K

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  • Manufactured by: Cinelight

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KIT 2 x SotLED "XL" 5600K
KIT 2 x SotLED "XL" 5600K
KIT 2 x SotLED "XL" 5600K
KIT 2 x SotLED "XL" 5600K

      This lighting kit consists of two Soft-LED "XL" 5600K full aluminum construction LED panels and transport case for storage and carrying around. 

     The Cinelight Soft-LED "XL" uses the latest S.M.D technology to produce daylight luminous, soft fill light, having the similar effect of a softbox in a slim profile, portable design. The built-in front diffusion filter enhances the beam spread to 120 degree and softens the shadows, having the similar effect of a softbox kit. 

     The light panel adopts high CRI new generation SMD technology specially designed for photo-video applications where color accuracy is an important feature. 

      The power controller with v-lock battery mount is separated from the fixture's body itself, connected via a 2.40 m cable length, so the light it's slim profile (only 2 cm thick!) and can be conveniently controlled when panel is high up on a stand.

     Using the detachable lollipop mounting system with 5/8" spigot receiver, the Soft-LED can be mounted in any position and can be freely rotated 360 degrees, similar to well known Kino Flo 4FT fixtures.

     The output is dimmable from 100% to 0% with constant color temperature across the entire dimming range. The brightness adjustments are made through the dedicated knob located on the external power controller, so the operator can control the light output without having to reach the lamp head. 

     The kit is supplied in a hard compact case offering a good protection for the equipment inside.

Base kit content:

- 2 x Cinelight Soft-LED "XL"
- 2 x lollipop mount with 5/8" receiver
- 2 x external power controller with V-lock battery mount
- 2 x power adapter AC 100V-240V / DC 15V
- 1 x transport case
- 1 x user manual

Note: from the right menu you have the option to add 2 light stands with dedicated transport bag and V-Lock batteries. 

Note: from the right menu you have the option to add 3 x Baby Stands 2.55 m or 2.80 m with suitable transport bag. 

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