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Tungsten Light Dimmer - 5000 watts

Price : 179€

  • Model: LTA-DIMMER5KW
  • Manufactured by: Cinelight

    This compact dimmer can be plugged in line with any tungsten light up to 5000 watts and will adjust smoothly the light output of the lamp from 100% to 0% without causing lamps to flicker. The dimming process is done by a micro-controller to ensure smooth, flicker free and silent operation. The same micro-controller will auto-adjust the output function to ensure full range dimming for all lamps wattage ranging from 100 watts up to 5000 watts. (classic dimmers cannot adjust in full range 100%-0% the brightness of wide range lamps wattage)
     The housing is made from rugged aluminum for year to use. 

     Built-in Schneider protection fuse.

     Random flicker generator function with ON / OFF switch and pulse modulation (flicker speed adjustment)

     The cable length is 1m and is equipped with CEE  2P+E 32A heavy duty power plugs which can be easily replaced with different ones.

Compatible with:

Redhead 300/650W , Redhead 800W / Blonde 2000W
Quart Light 300W / 600W / 1000W / 2000W
Junior Fresnel 150W / 300W / 650W / 1000W / 2000W / 5000W
Compatible with all continuous incandescent lights  which use 220-240V directly (without transformers) 

Note: this model is not compatible with Fluorescent, HMI / CMD and LED lights. Using this dimmer may cause permanent damages to the light components (ballast, circuit board). - European supplier for Video & Film lighting equipment | Prices excl. VAT.
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